Meet the Team

I hope you enjoy meeting my canine family, past and present.

I wanted a dog whilst growing up but circumstances meant that wasn't to be and I had to wait until I had my own home before purchasing my first dog. I started as a purely pet owner but over the years have dabbled in various activities and currently enjoy showing and working my gundogs.

My current team of dogs comprise of 2 french breeds, the Brittany (Epagneul Breton) and the Epagneul De Pont Audemer both being HPR's (FCI Group 7 Continental Pointers).

The Brittany is the smallest of the HPR breeds but they are fast and committed hunters who are absolutely passionate about game and will travel tirelessly over significant distances to find elusive birds. They are one of the most popular gundogs in France while the Epagneul De Pont Audemer is at the other end of the spectrum being significantly vulnerable with around 655 being registered worldwide in the last 20 years.